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Life Insurance

There are different types of life insurance products that are available in the market. Contact us today to review what the best solution is for you.

Types of Life Insurance

Below are the three different type of life insurance products that are available in Ohio.


Whole life insurance is a permanent life insurance product. The policy will remain in force until you pass way as long as payments are continued. The policy can also build a cash value similar to a savings account. This product is usually more expensive and is usually geared towards final expenses or as an investment tool.


Term life insurance offers coverage for a set period of time at a set price for that length of time. This product is usually the most affordable product.


Universal Life Insurance is a type of permanent life insurance. With a universal life policy, the insured person is covered for the duration of their life as long as they pay premiums and fulfill any other requirements of their policy to maintain coverage. Although the premium can remain the same throughout the life of the policy, the actual cost of the policy increases with age and if you do not pay the actual cost, the additional premium will be taken from the cash value of the policy.

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